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How do I schedule a campaign to be sent to multiple groups at different times?

To send separate campaigns, duplicate the campaign (there is a copy button). To segment your list, go into Mailing List Groups on the left menu and create a group and then go into Mailing List, and add specific recipients to that group. Then you can send the new campaign to that group. I would recommend you name the original copy of the campaign in a way that lets you know which segment/group the campaign is for. Also, make sure that you do not add the same recipient to multiple groups and then send the duplicated campaign to both groups. If you do this, they will get the same promo 2x. We usually prevent recipients from receiving the same promo more than once, but if you create duplicate campaigns, we cannot prevent it, so you must be careful.

After the duplicate campaigns are created, we suggest renaming them to avoid confusion. To schedule, different sending times click the send button and you’ll see a time & date option. Adjust the date/date, and press save. Promoly will send your campaign the date/time you selected.

Updated on: 08/08/2019

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