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Estimated Bounce Rate Explained

NOTE: The list cleaning process does not delete any of your email. We simply apply a filter and the contact will remain in your list, however we will no longer send emails to the contact.

I. Free List Analysis

Promo.ly expects you to maintain your email list to a high standard. We will periodically analyse your list and can provide an automatic clean up. The automatic clean up fee will vary depending on how many invalid emails we detect. Our automatic clean up service is not mandatory; you are welcome to manually clean up your mailing list, however Promo.ly will not send your mail with a bounce rate higher than 3%.

II. What to do when your bounce rate is >3%

Your Estimated Bounce Rate is a figure determined by your Free List Analysis which helps us preemptively determine how many emails in your list will bounce if we send to your list as-is.  If your bounce rate is above 3% we must pause your account until you clean your list.  We offer an in-app cleaning service which you can utilize for a reasonable fee, or you can clean your list manually and then run the analysis again.  Please get in touch if you feel that your estimated bounce rate is inaccurate or you have any other questions or issues with this service.

IV. Cleaning your list

Also note, the Free List Analysis is a precursor to the next step in cleaning up your list. We use a 3rd party service to perform this operation which is why we charge a fee to initiate the automatic cleaning process for you. This process is completely optional in that you can do this process manually on your own and reupload or purge any bad emails from your list manually.

Q. Why do you charge a fee for list-cleaning?

We use a service partner to perform this operation which has a high accuracy rate and charges us on a per email basis. This is why we charge a fee to initiate the automatic cleaning process for you. Our list-cleaning service is completely optional and you can do this process on your own by purging bad contacts from your list.

Updated on December 13, 2018

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