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Feedback Reports

When sending promos to a mailing list, the recipient is given the option to leave feedback. If the recipient leaves feedback, Promoly add the comment to a report. Promoly also displays analytics and statistics, which provides vast insight to the current campaign.

Every promo campaign has its own feedback report. The feedback report will include: Analytics and Activity, Campaign Feedback, Last 10 Viewed, Last 10 Unsubbed, Last 10 Bounced, Last 10 SPAM Complaints, Last 10 Played, Last 10 Downloaded and Campaign Activity.

To find the feedback report, head to your campaign dashboard, locate the correct campaign and click the icon that displays a graph. All feedback updates in real-time, meaning the report is always accurate and up to date.

Feedback reports are shareable by using the link that is displayed at the top of the report. The shareable link doesn't display the following: Email Addresses, Last 10 Unsubbed, Last 10 Bounced or Last 10 SPAM Complaints, meaning its perfect to share with clients.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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