Setting up Facebook Pixels

Adding and setting up your Facebook pixel in Promoly is very straightforward.

Head to sending profiles, and click edit on the sending profile.

If you are working with multiple brands in Promoly and have more than one Facebook pixel, you can assign the correct pixel to the appropriate sending profile. Doing so will pass the campaign data to the correct pixel.

Enter your Facebook pixel ID (numeric ID only). Do not enter any source code. If you are unsure, please visit Facebook support.

When you've finished. Press save.

What's the purpose of using Facebook pixels?

Every time a recipient or a fan lands on a promo, pre-save or links campaign, Promoly passes the information to Facebook. You can use the data when running a Facebook advert, building new audiences, or general tracking and audience insights.

Here are the events we automatically set up for you.

The events are adjustable and customisable on your end by using Facebook events manager. Click on Add Events and then From the Pixel. For example, you may want to track individual Spotify pre-save clicks on your campaign and then retarget those who have clicked in a Facebook ad.

Using Promoly and Facebook marketing, you now have the ultimate combination to drive more plays, sales and streams.

Updated on: 20/05/2021

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