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What is the promo pool?

We are doing hard work behind the scenes gathering relevant DJ, blog, and press contacts who are looking for fresh content. These contacts are free for you to import into your list inside promoly. All subscribers have opted-in to receive music from our users.

What about the list quality?

We can maintain a high-quality list by requiring all candidates to fill out a thorough sign-up form. This sifts out the majority of low-quality submissions. We do what we can, but we still encourage you to review each contact for yourself before deciding to import them to your list.

How often is it updated?

This list is updated every few weeks. Who has access to it? The list is only available to active Promoly Basic, Unlimited, and Custom tier Promoly Members.

I’m a Promoly user. Do you share my contacts with other people?

Absolutely not. We take customer privacy and security very seriously. The contacts on this page have been acquired using channels utterly separate from the Promoly system.

Where do the contacts come from?

We occasionally put out a growth-oriented campaign bulletin which rapidly brings in new applicants. We also connect with others in the music industry, directly, on a regular basis, through events, or other business ventures which will lead us to get them on the list. We will typically send out the same on-boarding link to everyone we meet (when the occasion is right) and have them sign-up. Part of the requirements includes all new entrants to also tell their friends about the list before applying. This allows us to spread the word far and wide quickly.

After import how do I find my new contacts?

A new group called “000-IMPORTED-POOL-CONTACTS” will be created under your account, and a copy of each contact you import is placed there. You may assign these contacts to other groups in your account if you wish.

How do I get my name listed on the promo pool?

Go here and follow the guide.

Updated on: 19/12/2019

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