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Estimated Bounce Rate Explained

I. Free List Analysis

Promoly requires that your email list is well-kept with a minimum number of bounced emails. We can check your list for you and even clean it up automatically for a fee, which depends on how many invalid emails are found. However, you're free to tidy up your list yourself. But keep in mind that Promoly won't send your emails if the bounce rate exceeds the following limits:

For 20 or fewer subscribers, there's no bounce rate limit.
For 100 or fewer subscribers, bounce rate should be less than 30%.
For 500 or fewer subscribers, bounce rate should be less than 10%.
For 5,000 or fewer subscribers, bounce rate should be less than 5%.
For over 5,000 subscribers, bounce rate should be less than 3%.

II. Why your sending becomes paused.

Your sending will only become paused if your bounce rate (or estimated bounce rate) is found to be higher than your bounce % threshold. Additionally, if you manually triggered a scan this will rescan your list to find your new estimated bounce rate. Lastly, if any of the mail you've sent has bounced, it may trigger an automatic scan of your list and if the result is greater than your threshold your sending will become paused again.

III: Manually triggering a scan or rescan

You can manually trigger a scan by clicking the "analyze list" button on your mailing list page.


IV: Scanning does not clean your list

To clean your list, see the information below about list cleaning. The scan is only an estimation and does not provide any details about which emails are potentially bad. It does not do any cleaning of your list. A "bad email" is any email with an unreachable domain name or an invalid email address (as reported by the response of the email owner's email host), or if the email address cannot be determined to be valid (no definite response from the email owner's email host). The scanning system automatically connects to the email owner's email server (for example, and requests permission to send the email. If the server response is unsatisfactory and too many emails cannot be verified, your bounce score may go above 3% and we have to pause your ability to send.

Scanning does not clean your list

V: Why we have to pause sending

These measures are in place to make the platform better for everyone! We must pause sending because if Promoly's overall bounce rate goes too high, then everyone on the platform is penalized, and deliverability of all mail coming from Promoly is negatively impacted. This is why we have to strictly enforce bounce rate rules across all accounts.

VI. What to do when your bounce rate is > than list threshold

Your Estimated Bounce Rate is a figure determined by your free list analysis which helps us pre-emptively determine how many emails in your list will bounce if we send to your list as-is.  If your bounce rate is above your list size threshold we must pause your sending until you clean your list.  We offer an in-app cleaning service which you can utilize for a reasonable fee, or you can clean your list manually and then run the analysis again.  Please get in touch if you feel that your estimated bounce rate is inaccurate or you have any other questions or issues with this service.

VI. Cleaning your list

The next step to getting your sending unpaused is Cleaning Your List. You can do this yourself or pay for a quick and easy cleaning service which is built right into Promoly. We use a 3rd party service to perform this operation which is why we charge a fee to initiate the automatic cleaning process for you. This will save you time from having to manually purge any bad emails from your list.

The list cleaning process does not delete any of your emails. We simply apply a filter and the contact will remain in your list, however we will no longer send emails to the contact.

Q. Why does Promoly charge a fee for list-cleaning?

We use a service partner to perform this operation. This partner's give us free list scanning, but there is a small fee for cleaning the list. They have high accuracy rate and they charge us on a per email basis. This is why we charge a fee to initiate the automatic cleaning process for you. Our list-cleaning service is completely optional and you can do this process on your own by purging bad contacts from your list.

If you believe a contact is filtered incorrectly, please chat with us and we'll assist.

Updated on: 13/06/2023

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