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How to quickly unsubcribe bounces from your list

Email lists need to be kept up to date to make sure your deliverability and inbox placement stay great.

Here's a quick way to remove bounces and unsubscribe them from your list.

Head to your campaigns list and check to see if any promos have bounced. You can do this quickly by looking at the stats displayed.

If there is a few bounces displaying, head to subscribers and press tools. Download your CSV.

Load the .csv in Sheets, Excel, Airtable or any other spreadsheet of choice. We recommened Airtable as their filters are easy to use without any custom setup. Once your list is imported, navigate to the bounceCount column.

If you're using Airtable, create a new filter. The filter you require is where bounceCount is ≥ 1.

That filter will only show email addresses that have bounced more than once.

Navigate to the email column and copy the entire lot to your clipboard. ctrl + c for windows or cmd + c for mac.

Head back to Promoly and load subscribers, then press 'upload CSV' and click 'paste from clipboard'. Paste in your list and press next.

Check the box 'mark as unsubcribed'.

Press next. Promoly will unsubsribe these contacts.

Updated on: 26/06/2021

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