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What to do if my list is dirty?

NOTE: The list cleaning process does not delete any of your email. We simply apply a filter and the contact will remain in your list, however we will no longer send emails to the contact.

I. Free List Analysis

All accounts comes with free list analysis which you can trigger manually on your mailing list menu.  We may also analyze your list after your first campaign is sent and will send you a report if your list PASSES or if any warnings are found.  The next step is cleaning your list, which you can do manually or via our service partner who is integrated directly with your account at a reasonable fee.

II. List Cleaning Services**

You can either do this manually yourself, or pay a reasonable fee to have it done for you. After you have authorized payment for the list cleaning process, we will begin the automatic cleaning process which will check each one of your contacts by contacting the email server of the email host for each contact. If there is a problem with syntax, unreachable host, or the recipient’s host server reports that their email account does not access, we will automatically mark the contact as “filtered” in our database.

All future mailings to these filtered contacts will be skipped.

We will also make an entry on your activity log showing the results of the cleaning.

How to see all filtered contacts

If you would like to see a list of all the filtered contacts, you can do so by going to your Mailing List table on the admin panel. Look for the “isFiltered” column. All filtered contacts will have a value of “on” in the “isFiltered” column.  You may also download your list in CSV format by clicking the “Download Entire List” button. You will find the “isFiltered” column in your CSV which you can open in your favorite spreadsheet software.

Removing a contact from the filter

The cleaning process is not perfect because it relies on the temperamental nature of 3rd party email servers. If you find that a valid email address has been added to our filters, get in touch with us by creating a trouble ticket, and we will remove the contact form the filter.

What happens when I reanalyze my list?

If you add new contacts to your list or request a new analysis, we will only analyze the NEW contacts. This is to avoid unnecessary charges or costs in the list cleaning process.  In other words, once you clean your list once, we do not need to scan your existing contacts again. We only need to scan your contacts again if you remove and re-add the same contact or add new contacts which are not already on your list.

Updated on: 08/08/2019

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