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Free List Analysis

Improving your open rates

Promoly can help you greatly improve your open rates and overall deliverability and reputation score on various email servers. All accounts come with free list analysis which we periodically perform for all users to avoid high bounce rates which can negatively affect overall reputation for our senders which in turn affects deliverability.

The free list analysis is an estimation based on an intelligent segmentation of your data. The results provided are not 100% accurate, but most importantly they are effective in preventing serious problems with deliverability due to high bounce rates.

Filtering bad emails
If any recipients in your list are marked as “invalid” or are being filtered and you would like us to manually review them, shoot us an email and we will take a look.

The list cleaning process does not delete any of your email! We simply apply a filter and the contact will remain in your list, however we will no longer send emails to the contact.

Cleaning your list
Also note, the Free List Analysis is a precursor to the next step in cleaning up your list. We use a 3rd party service to perform this operation which is why we charge a fee to initiate the automatic cleaning process for you. Contacts are not deleted. They are simply marked “inactive” or “filtered” and will otherwise remain untouched in your list. This process is completely optional in that you can do this process manually on your own and reupload or purge any bad emails from your list manually.  Once your list is cleaned, with a <3% Estimated Bounce Rate, we will allow emails to be sent from your account. If you choose to pay for the List Cleaning Service, via the in-app purchase on the dashboard, we will charge your account for the amount shown and automatically clean your list for you.  Any emails that are deemed invalid will be filtered out the next time you send a promo.

Updated on: 10/12/2020

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