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How do I create a links campaign?

Creating a links campaign is very simple. If you want Promoly to automate the process, you'll require your Universal Product Code (UPC) or European Article Number (EAN). These barcodes are often generated and supplied by your music distributor. If you're an artist and signed to a label, please ask your record label for one for your release. They look like: 192650539945.

Login to Promoly and press create new campaign. Then click links page.

Name your links campaign.

Promoly will generate the new campaign and load it on the campaign dash. Press the edit pencil icon.

Once the campaign editor has loaded. Press look up by barcode.

Promoly will then ask you for the UPC/EAN. Input the information and press search.

If you don't know the EPC/EAN, shop links can be manually added to Promoly using the campaign editor.

After pressing search, Promoly will search all Digital Service Providers (DSP) and find the shop links.

Occasionally, Promoly won't find shop links immediately; if your distributor hasn't published to DSPs, your shop links won't be available until they publish.

You can manually check through these links, ensuring all is correct. Once happy, press confirm. If any are incorrect, you can manually update the links in the campaign editor.

Promoly will do its best to pull in vital information, such as release metadata and artwork. You'll see this information in the campaign editor.

If you are used to Promoly's promo editor, the pre-save editor will look very familiar, but with some new features, specifically for launching pre-save campaigns. If you are not, everything to create one campaign is laid out in front of you. Build your campaign using the editor on the left, and the preview mock-up will display on the right of the page.

If everything is correct, your preview should display similar to the screenshot below.

Once you are happy, save the campaign. The links page is now ready for sharing.

Updated on: 29/04/2021

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