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How do I share or export feedback?

Viewing and sharing feedback is easy with Promoly.

Head to /campaigns and search for the promo that's needed.

Then go to the report icon here and load up your feedback report.

Promoly will show you everything that's going on with the feedback campaign. We provide a lot of information, but sometimes this isn't useful for your customer, your artist, or record label, or whoever needs to view the feedback report.

You can share the report with anyone via the 'shareable report link.'

Once copied and you load it into a browser. This feedback report is a hundred percent live. So any time you view it or your customer views it, it will always be up to date. We strip all sensitive information. So the person viewing the shareable version only can see the feedback, the rating, and the name of the person who has left the feedback.

Updated on: 26/06/2021

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