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How to Create a Links Campaign

How to Create a Links Campaign in Promoly

Follow these steps to create a links campaign in Promoly:

Create a new campaign: Click the 'New Campaign' button, then select 'Links Campaign' and click 'Continue'.
Name your release: Enter a name for your release (e.g., "New Release").
Edit the campaign: Promoly will generate a campaign for you. Click 'Edit' to start customizing it.
Import release information: You can import release information from Digital Service Providers (DSPs) using UPC, EAN, ISRC, or RSS feeds. Alternatively, you can add a streaming link directly.
Add a streaming link: Go to your preferred streaming platform (e.g., Spotify) and find the desired track. Copy the song link and paste it into Promoly's search bar. Click 'Search'.
Select full release or track only: Promoly will either pull in the full release or the track only. Choose the option you prefer.
Confirm the imported information: Verify that Promoly has found the track on various platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Beatport. Click 'OK'.
Review the campaign details: Check that Promoly has pulled in the artwork, release date, catalog number, and other details correctly. Click 'Save' when you're satisfied.
Share the campaign: Use the shareable link to distribute the campaign to your fans or email list, depending on the type of promotional campaign you're running.
Customize the campaign further (optional): You can add a press release, choose a pre-save date for Spotify, toggle links on or off for specific platforms, or create custom links.
Distribute the campaign: Send the campaign like a normal promo, either to individual recipients or to groups. Alternatively, share the link on your social media channels.
By following these steps, you can create a links campaign in Promoly and promote your music effectively to your target audience.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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