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Why is my promo pending?

When you send a promo, Promoly will start scheduling delivery. During this time, the status is pending. Once complete, Promoly changes the status to cued. When you see cued, Promoly delivery is imminent or for the time you schedulled.

Trouble shooting:

If you haven't scheduled a campaign for future delivery and 'pending' is displayed for longer than an ~hour, there is likely a problem. Promoly has paused sending until the problem has fixed.

Here are things to check:

Check to see if you have included a subject line in the promo. Without one, your promos won't send.
Have you uploaded audio. Make sure to preview your campaign to ensure everything is correct.
Do you have a warning at the top of the account saying that sending is paused due to a high bounce rate?
Do you have enough promo credits? Head to the top right of your account and check on the dropdown menu.
Are you subscribed and a paying Promoly customer? If not, head to the billing page and choose a plan.

If none of that helps, please chat to us and we'll assist.

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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